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Sunday, December 10, 2006

You Are You I Am Me

© by Chuck McGlawn

Peer pressure sets the standards
For how we should be and act
And how we should live our lives
It’s some secret and unwritten pact

I want to know the author
That dictates how I should be
What color’s the sky in his world
And why should he control me?

My early life I lived that plan
To please those people who "care"
But it didn’t make me happy
With just ME giving’s not fair

I am living MY own life now
And I won’t always hide how I feel
I’ll likely say things offensive
But at least you’ll know I am real.

I may not like your hair or music
Or the clothes you wear sometime
But I’ll let you make your choices
So please let me make mine

I won’t march with you in lock-step
Or hitch to YOUR shooting star
But one thing I can promise
I’ll accept you just as you are.

Society sets our standards
Of how we’re supposed to be
Well I’ll be living my own life
Try accepting me as me

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