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Sunday, September 25, 2011

The USofA Says Much if We Are Listening by Chuck McGlawn

Please look at our abbreviation – UsofA. What it says and the message it conveys is a long lost treasure, that is gradually vanishing. Leaving the amalgamation of the diverse populations, little by little over the years, with no vision of what could be. And gentle reader, every time we say something like, "The government should…” or, “the government will…”, or “the government has…” we are ignoring that abbreviation and the invaluable lesson it contains, and thus driving it farther and farther into the “Memory Hole” and farther away from the thinking wing of the Liberty Movement.

You see, we are not a France, or a Poland, or a Germany. We are unique in history of the world. What makes US one of a kind is that we are the first and only Nation created from the bottom up. What I mean is that thirteen separate States united to establish a super state clearly defined powers and with severely limited purposes. And we did it on the continent named America. Thus, we have the USofA. Please note that in the Declaration of Independence the word, "united" is not capitalized, placing the emphasis on the States and not the united. The creation of this new and unique nation was of such advanced thinking that England, whom we had just defeated in the field of battle did not even have a way to concede our victory because we were not a nation that was recognizable by England as a nation. It was not until France recognized the US as a nation that England could capitulate. 

That dynamic of separate States, each of them being the very best they could be is what has made the USofA great. It was the built-in “cause and effect” or the "lessons learned" that by working their way through out the other States. Ideas, and actions that produced destructive results would be ignored and discarded, while creative, progressive results were embraced and improved upon, and then relaunched again to work their way through out the other States, and on and on and on until we became the greatest Nation in the history of the world.

Woe is the US we are losing that greatness. We are losing that dynamic. It is being slowly inverted, not only by big government liberals, but by also big government conservatives. Both factions are formulating “one size fits all,” laws forced onto all fifty States by the National Government, to the detriment of many.

There are different levels of Government, and calling for different forms of government. For the National we have a blueprint from which to draw. It is the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration of Independence as a Mission Statement leads to a Republic as a form of government. A Republic is a government ruled by a set of natural laws. Where the government, as well as the people, must obey. These natural laws are delineated in the Declaration of Independence.  The Thirteen States that created the National Government had a verity of governmental forms. However, over time they began to immolate the National Government. A process that is not complete. The countless cities, towns and hamlets had been functioning under many forms of government and doing so with complete success. 

I encourage you to stop this gradual drift into “government” to mean, “The only level that we talk about in everyday conversation.” This is an encouragement, that  when you are speaking or writing and referring to government, that you designate the level of government about which you are speaking, this will have the effect of slowing down the process that the national government is only government of conversation.

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