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Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Primary Function of Our National Government by Chuck McGlawn

Sun, 04/03/2011 - 6:05pm, by Chuck McGlawn 07/29/2006

Wars are raging in Iraq and Afghanistan. The powder keg in the Middle East is threatening to set the world aflame. One cannot deny that US citizen security is at an all-time low. This might be the perfect time to ponder, just what was the primary function of the federal government?

Let us go to one of our basic documents the Declaration of Independence to answer this question. To paraphrase the Declaration of Independence, (which was the Mission Statement for the soon to be ratified Articles of Confederation and later the US Constitution) humankind, has the right (these are humankind’s natural rights) to LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS. The Declaration of Independence launched a whole new relationship between the people and their National Government. For the first time a National Government is created by man to secure (that is to protect) those rights of LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS. Most importantly, the Declaration of Independence stipulates that government gets it power from the governed.

Our Government is failing the citizens of the US big time. The attack on the World Trade Center was clear proof of that. While our military is off to far-away-places, with strange sounding names, involved in preemptive strikes, regime change, “democracy” spreading, setting itself up as the policemen of the world (or school-yard bully, I really cannot tell which). The job they are supposed to be doing, that being to protect our lives, our liberties and our pursuit of happiness goes unfilled.

Our Government cannot claim budgetary restrictions. In the last fifty years, the US Government has spent trillions of dollars developing an offensive military force. Much of this became obsolete before it could be used. When any fifth grader, with a proper education could tell you that our government is only empowered to develop a defensive military force.

Bring our troops home, not only from Iraq and Afghanistan, but also from the over 100 nations we now occupy. Muster-out all the troops except enough for an invincible defensive force. Half of the money required to house and pay our troops abroad returned to the taxpayer. Returning in excess of 75 Billion dollars to the taxpayers, would trigger a spending frenzy that would launch an economic upturn unprecedented in America’s history. The resulting increased Federal tax revenues returned to the taxpayers, would further fuel the skyrocketing expansion of our economy.

All of this growth would create such a shortage of labor, that US businesses would have to run full-page ads in Mexico and other Central American nations for willing laborers.

Some (just some) of the increased tax revenues accruing to State and City governments could fund State and City Police Intelligence Agencies. These agencies could then develop DEFENSIVE plans that fit the needs of the geographic area where the increased tax revenues occur. States would no longer be dependent on the failed one-size-fits-all defense measures planned by the Federal Government. The rest of the State and City tax revenues returned to taxpayers would be additional economic stimulus.

Oh, and the other half of the money being spent to house US troops abroad could be put out to private bid on National defensive weapons systems weapon systems so diverse, so cutting edge and so state of the art that another 9/11 style attack would be hugely reduced. Then, a national policy that no longer had its nose stuck into every nations business, and citizen security would be at an all time high.

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