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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Vol 08 No 06 Liberty ViewsLetter 02-04-2012

Vol 08 No 06 Liberty ViewsLetter 02-04-2012
Eighth Year, Issue 312
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Managing Editor Chuck McGlawn
Contributing Editors
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Chuck McGlawn

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Congratulations, if you are reading this you have successfully responded to and navigated your way to the Sixth issue of our new Liberty Views Website. The format will be much the same as before. Our major sections will be  LibertyViews Where we present an abbreviation or Quotes From Commentaries from reliable sources with links to the FULL ARTICLE. Starting with the lead article, that we call Your Must Read for the Week. The NewsViews where we will present an abbreviation or Quotes From Liberty significant news articles from very diverse sources with links to the FULL ARTICLE. We will also continue to include  ChallengeViews, WordViews, ReaderViews,  AnnounceViews and Audio/VideoViews. There is another element, least important but most demanding, that being called PersonalViews. Each element is separated by a joke, a quote or some interesting trivia. Please Read on…


Your Must Read For The Week The E-Verify Debate By Doug Hornig 
Totalitarian states tend not to assume central authority all at once. They steadily chip away at your liberties, until one day you wake up and find yourself living in a totalitarian state.
There is far too little space here to go into all the assaults that have been launched against our rights, rights specifically enshrined in the Constitution and other derivative rights that have become firmly entrenched over time. Let’s just examine the latest chapter in this sorry story: the debate over the E-Verify system. And the state now has the perfect excuse to trigger that tightening: illegal immigration. HR 2885, introduced in the House by the House Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith (R-TX) in June, sets the stupefying goal of verifying the identity of every job-seeker in the US. The new law would require all employers to submit potential employees’ names, Social Security numbers, and such other data as the government may find pertinent to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for authorization before an employee can start work. The data would then be vetted by E-Verify, a government-run database and employment identification verification system.
The process has been on the move here in the US for decades now. Slowly, the police and politicians – backed by a shamefully spineless judiciary – have eviscerated a Bill of Rights that was once our crowning glory, a watershed document in human history that marked a turning away from the absolute rule of an elite and toward individual freedom.
It’s impossible to overstate how deeply misguided this proposal is, nor in how many ways; that’s true no matter whether you think we should embrace undocumented aliens with open arms or believe they should all be shot. To have introduced it into an economy struggling to stay afloat is a near-criminal act.
I invite, encourage, entice, influence, pressure, persuade, cajole, coax, plead, request can I demand? Or would a threat of bodily harm move you to read FULL ARTICLE at  scroll down to E-Verify Debate  This is NECESSARY INFORNATION, making it a MUST READ. This article exposes our Government’s underhanded tacticts to institute a back door to a National ID Card. GET THE FACTS CONTAINED IMPRINTED ON YOUR MIND.IT COULD BE A MATTER OF LIFE OR DEATH. THEN YOU WILL UNDERSTAND AND BE READY TO PRESENT COGENT INFORMATION ABOUT THIS SUBJECT. READ THE FULL ARTICLE and then FORWARD IT TO EVERYONE ON YOUR E-MAILLIST.
Every infringement on our personal freedom means that we are that much less free. In The E-Verify Debate By Doug Hornig

PersonalViews. RON PAUL IS RIGHT ON TRACK. Do not misread the Florida results. Ron Paul got the six percent of the vote with little money and effort and no delegates. About the only thing he did in Florida was participating in the Debate.
Florida is a winner take all State, which means Paul could have spent a bundle, campaigned all across the state, in which case he may have gotten 16% of the vote and NO DELEGATES. Instead he went to Maine and spent and campaigned and the payoff will be more delegates. You can help Ron Paul get ahead BY SENDING MONEY. We already have the best most energetic campaigner in Ron Paul himself. In a recent debate when Dr. Paul was questioned about his age he answered with a challenge to the other candidates to a 25 mile bike ride in the Texas heat. He has the needed drive and energy, he needs travel money, site rental money, TV ad money and Hotel money for him and staff.

As it stands right now, Paul’s efforts will pay off in, not getting the nomination, but having the Delegate Power to call some shots at the convention. I know it sounds empty.

But there is a wild card floating around. Likely Gingrich will drop out after Nevada and Maine, or soon thereafter. Paul will get the lions share of his votes, even though he is more likely endorse Romney before he would endorse Paul.

I think Santorum will ride it to the end, even though his support will narrow to just evangelicals. Ron Paul will be there until the end, with his support widening. And (I know this us not a viable campaign strategy) Romney could get his foot into his mouth, or someone could come forward and refute his electability paradigm and Ron Paul will be there to win Romney’s lost votes.

Make the same commitment that Dr. Paul has made, support him to the very end.
Ron Paul for President 2012.
A penny saved may be a penny earned, but it's a waste of a deposit slip and it really angers the tellers.

For every action, there is an equal but opposite Government program.
ChallengeViews There is only one vegetable that is never sold frozen, canned, processed, cooked, or in any other form but fresh. What is it? J. APARICIO was first with Lettuce
This Week’s Challenge.
Even though this is a group of super heroes, which one does not belong? Spiderman, The Hulk, Batman, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America Nightcrawler Send your answer to . Answer posted next week.
Strange Bedfellows
A Rabbi, a Hindu, and a lawyer run out of gas and seek lodging for the night at a farmer's house. The farmer says that there are only two extra beds, so one person will have to sleep in the barn. The Hindu volunteers, "I will sleep in the barn." And goes out to the barn. In just a few minutes, there is a knock on the door. It's the Hindu and he says, "There is a cow in the barn, in my religion cows are sacred I couldn't possibly sleep with a cow." Then the Rabbi says, “I'll sleep in the barn." In just a few minutes, there is a knock on the door. It's the Rabbi. He says "There is a pig in the barn, pigs are unclean I couldn't possibly sleep with a pig." So, the lawyer is forced to sleep in the barn. In just few minutes there is a knock on the door. It's the pig and the cow.
Clapper-trap on Iranian attacks inside the US by Dave Lindorff
Source: CounterPunch
"Americans ought to understand: If we are going to be an aggressor nation, and are going to sponsor acts of terror abroad against nations that have not attacked us or our allies, we need to expect, or at least be prepared to face attacks on our own country. Ask yourself, what would you do if you were in the Iranian government? What would you support your government doing if you were an Iranian citizen?" (02/02/12)
No Special Service
This guy goes to an airline ticket window, and says, "I want a flight to Los Angeles, and I want this piece of luggage to go to Pittsburgh, and this suit case to go to Cleveland."

The ticket agent looked at him and said, "We can't do that!"

'Why not?' said the guy. "You did the last time."
Quotes from (All emphasis added)
A Cost-Benefit Analysis of the New Alabama Immigration Law
Samuel Addy, Ph.D.
Center for Business and Economic Research
Culverhouse College of Commerce and Business Administration
The University of Alabama
January 2012

Benefits of HB56
Savings of funds used to provide public benefits to illegal immigrants
The two most common benefits that illegal immigrants are said to enjoy are healthcare services at emergency hospitals and clinics and educational services (mainly for their children).

Unauthorized immigrants try to avoid notice as much as possible any healthcare savings is likely to be small.

Thus the number and share of U.S.-born children of unauthorized immigrants have been rising while those of unauthorized immigrant children have been falling and all indications are for this trend to continue. This means that savings on educational services are likely to be small and decline over time.

Increased safety for legal residents
Most illegal immigrants are seeking to better their lot, it is more likely that the rate would be lower for them. This could be partly because they are aware their status means that they are breaking the law in the first place.

More business, employment
Benefits for some businesses do not translate into a benefit for the aggregate economy because they cannot fully make up for the reduced demand caused by the absence of unauthorized immigrant workers.

Citizens are not filling the vacated jobs the few that considered the jobs previously performed by unauthorized immigrant workers did not have the requisite skills and productivity. HB56 cannot be credited with reductions in the unemployment rate.

[Editor’s Note. The benefits from the passage of HR56 are far less than promised to and expected by a population eager for Immigration Control. CM]
Costs of HB56
Expected Costs
Implementation, enforcement, and litigation costs.
Increased costs and inconveniences for citizens, other legal residents, and businesses.
[Editor’s Notes: Some of this was expected, but not nearly as much as experienced. Our interest in selecting quotes from this study are the Unexpected Costs. CM]

Reduced economic development opportunities. Many economic development practitioners have noted that the new immigration law projects a negative image of the state to the world making it difficult to recruit foreign companies. This is mainly because the law seems to paint Alabama as an anti-immigrant state even though the law is supposed to target illegal immigration.
Economic impact of reduced aggregate demand. The law has caused some illegal immigrants to leave. The reduction in aggregate demand affects business sales, employment, earnings, the state’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and tax collections. Calculations confirm: From 69,768 to 139,536 jobs will be lost. Jobs with from $1.2 to 5.8 billion in earnings. Reducing from $2.3 to 10.8 billion in Alabama Gross Domestic Product (GDP). This constitutes from 1.3 to 6.2 percent of the state’s $172.6 billion GDP in 2010. This meant a reduction of from $56.7 to 264.5 million in state income and sales tax collections, and from $20.0 to 93.1 million in local sales tax collections.
[Editor’s Notes: This is just one small State with a modest number if illegal workers. However the impact of the intended consequences will be devastating.

The results of this study will likely be used to ameliorate some of the effects of the intended consequences. How much better would the lives of Alabama’s citizens and Mexicans that chose to come to Alabama to work. And how much more productive would the migrants be if when they looked for a job, they didn’t have to keep looking over their shoulder? Nothing works like the Free Market. As one farmer observed, “When it is time for the onion harvest, they just show up.”

The one huge benefit from this experience will be the lesson in “Cause and Effect”. Grow on Alabama. CM]

History doesn't repeat itself; historians repeat each other.

Never play leapfrog with a unicorn!
Audio/VedioViews Next Week
Ron Paul Exposed! Is this the man we want running the U.S.A.?  
Support Ron Paul, He Supports our troops, Our Troops Support Ron Paul
Not only is Ron Paul consistent he is accurate. See this important history
Ron Paul Makes Fox Moderator Look Stupid
Staying Abreast
There are three bra types; Socialist - Communist - Capitalist. Socialist bras uplift the downtrodden. Communist bras suppress the masses. Capitalist bras make mountains out of molehills.
More LibertyViews: Just a headline, a grabber and a link.
What do food stamps have to do with compassion for the poor? by Jacob G. Hornberger  Future of Freedom Foundation        What's also fascinating is that when a libertarian or anyone else opposes the existence of such programs, progressives automatically conclude that that person must be heartless and uncaring." (02/02/12)
Blame the US for the housing bubble, not China by David Boaz
Source: Freedom Politics       Easy money from China helped make the housing bubble much bigger and last longer, It would be fine without that little prepositional phrase 'from China.'" (02/02/12)
Creating jobs versus creating value by Steven Horwitz  Foundation for Economic Education
New York Times columnist Paul Krugman i says ridiculous things that demand a response from those who understand basic economics better than he does. [Editor’s Note, You will surly find one here. CM] (02/02/12)


Georgia bill would delay E-Verify for small businesses Associated Press
January 26, 2012       Reps. Glenn Baker (D-Jonesboro) and Mack Jackson (D-Sandersville) filed legislation that would extend the deadline before companies are required to use the federal E-Verify database to screen new hires. [The] plan would push back the database deadline for small companies with more than 10 but fewer than 50 employees from 2013 to 2015 . . . read more
Patience is something admired in the driver behind you, but not in the one ahead of you.
If you can't say something nice about someone you're probably not alone.
US no-fly list doubles in past year to 21,000 Source: Toronto Star [Canada]
"Even as the Obama administration says it's close to defeating Al Qaeda, the size of the government's secret list of suspected terrorists who are banned from flying to or within the United States has more than doubled in the past year, The Associated Press has
learned. The no-fly list jumped from about 10,000 known or suspected terrorists one year ago to about 21,000, according to government figures provided to the AP." (02/02/12)
I may be schizophrenic, but at least I'll always have each other.

A fool and his money are soon... Hey! Where's my wallet?
Obama regime announces plans to halt Afghan combat role early
Source: Daily Star [Lebanon]
"The United States took Kabul by surprise by laying out plans to end its Afghan combat role earlier than expected, just after the leak of a secret report that the Taliban is confident of regaining control of the country. U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said late Wednesday the United States would stop taking the lead role in combat operations before the end of 2013 and step into a supporting role as it winds down its longest war." (02/02/12)
Things That Sound Dirty In Law But Aren't:
~ Have you looked through her briefs?
~ He is one hard judge!
~ Counselor, let's do it in my chambers.
~ His attorney withdrew at the last minute.
~ Is it a penal offense?
~ Better leave the handcuffs on.
~ For $200 an hour, she better be good!
~ Can you get him to drop his suit?
~ The judge gave her the stiffest one he could.
~ Think you can get me off?
US DoJ accuses Swiss bank of serving customers Reuters (02/02/12)
"The United States indicted Wegelin, the oldest Swiss private bank, on charges that it enabled wealthy Americans to evade taxes on at least $1.2 billion hidden in offshore bank accounts, the U.S. Justice Department said on Thursday. The announcement, by federal prosecutors in Manhattan, represents the first time an overseas bank has been indicted by the United States for enabling tax fraud [sic] by U.S. taxpayers." [Editor’s note, How do we trick a Bank into firing the first shot so President Romgrich can send in American troops?]
More NewsViews Just a headline, a grabber and a link..

South Africa: Four given 18 years in jail for killing lesbian MSNBC
Sentenced  for stoning and stabbing to death 19-year-old for living openly as a lesbian. A (02/02/12)
Panetta report fuels concerns that Israel will attack Iran: MSNBC
Defense Secretary believes there is a 'strong likelihood' that Tel Aviv will launch such an offensive in April, May or June. (02/02/12)
US Senate panel tries to drag world banking system into anti-Iran crusade
Source: New York Times ." (02/02/12)
Expulsion from the network  would deny to Iran many billions of dollars in revenue from abroad that is routinely routed into its domestic banking system.
An athestic, dyslexic, insomniac is a guy who lays awake at night
wondering if there really is a DOG!

If history repeats itself why is there never any reruns of the six o'clock news.
WordViews by Walt Clark
pleonasm    PLEE-uh-naz-uhm  (noun): The use of more words than are necessary to express an idea; as, "It is difficult to find the rare flower." The expression “seeing it with my own eyes” is technically a pleonastic but has become an idiom to denote something that is incredulous.
·       Circumlocution is also a bad way of speaking or writing, but rather than a useless repetition it is indirect or unnecessarily wordy.
·       Redundancy is not limited to words but when it is, it is limited to being an exact copy where as a pleonasm uses additional words that add nothing to the sentence.
·       Tautology is often used in the logical sense of a useless truism that sounds like an important syllogism.
·       Abstruseness is the ugliest and least forgivable form of ambiguous expression in that it has a pretense of superiority
WORD WISE: Pleonasm is from Greek pleonasmos, from pleon,   
"greater, more."   
Today’s word describes something to avoid in writing. This error is much more forgivable in speaking because it is used to emphasize a point. 
QUOTE: "Dougan uses many words where few would do, as if   
pleonasm were a way of wringing every possibility out of   
the material he has, and stretching sentences a form of   
spreading the word."   
--Paula Cocozza, "Book review: How Dynamo Kiev beat the   
Luftwaffe," Independent, March 2, 2001   

If your Goals require the initiation of force, then reevaluate your Goals.


Anonymous said...

Here, my fellow Americans. Read how the tax system that you pay through the nose to fund is being scammed by the illegal invaders. 75% pay little or nothing into the system yet extract MULTI-BILLIONS through Child Tax Credits. $4.2 BILLION in 2010 to be exact. Don't believe me. Read this - straight from the numbers provided by the US Treasury Inspector General!!!!

E-Verify would help put an end to this nonsense and help to restore INTEGRITY back into the system.

Now or in the future you or a loved one could be unemployed because an illegal invader steals your job. And to add insult to injury that same illegal invader who steals your job with an ITIN could pay little or nothing in taxes yet make YOU pay him thousands in Child Tax Credits!


Anonymous said...


"The two most common benefits that illegal immigrants are said to enjoy are healthcare services at emergency hospitals and clinics and educational services (mainly for their children"


About 30% of the beds in our US jails are occupied by illegal invaders. It costs $50,000 to house an inmate in a California jail. Do the math.

There are also many illegal invaders who collect public benefits. Obama's aunt is an illegal invader and has been living in PUBLIC FINANCED HOUSING for nearly a decade. How many more are there like her??? THOUSANDS.

And illegal Juanita can sneak across the border in her 7th month and drop her package in an American hospital PAID FOR BY THE TAXPAYERS! And after dropping her package she gets free housing, food and medical care PAID FOR BY THE TAXPAYER! It is like hitting the lotto for a poor mexican woman! It is a magnet that draws worthless indigents who suck off the teat of the US government!!! Do you see Mr. McGlawn protesting? Of course not! Refer to "Cloward-Piven"!!!


"Thus the number and share of U.S.-born children of unauthorized immigrants have been rising while those of unauthorized immigrant children have been falling and all indications are for this trend to continue. This means that savings on educational services are likely to be small and decline over time"


In 2010 US taxpayers spent $52 Billion to educate little illegal invaders. We not only educate them in our schools - we feed them there too! Free breakfast and lunch. No wonder Mexicans swarm the borders to come here! Try to take your American born caucasion son or daughter to Mexico and enroll them into a Mexican school. You'll be lucky if you don't end up in a mexican jail. The key to remember here is that we spend $52 Billion a year to educate illegals in the United States. Don't allow Mr. McGlawn to downplay that number!


"More business, employmentBenefits for some businesses do not translate into a benefit for the aggregate economy because they cannot fully make up for the reduced demand caused by the absence of unauthorized immigrant workers"

We could bring in boatloads of illegal chinese invaders and undercut the wages of the indigent Mexican workers - thus providing even bigger profits for the businesses. We could pay the chinese $25 for a day's worth of labor! But we have labor laws in America to PROTECT jobs for Americans in our lower economic classes. Jobs that are supposed to pay at least subsistence wages. Allowing employers to pay subpar minimum wages creates more ghettos and blight in your communities. Is that what you want?? Do you want all of Orange County looking like Santa Ana???

Anonymous said...

I read Mr. Hornberger's linked blog above, re: food stamps.

Mr. Hornberger makes a very insightful comment:

"Pray tell: How in the world does the government’s decision to tax Paul to pay for Peter’s food make John a caring, compassionate person? Why does John feel that this makes him a caring, compassionate person? He hasn’t used any of his own money to help out Peter. All he’s done is cheer the fact that someone else — a rich person — is having his money forcibly taken from him and used to help out a poor person.

Why doesn’t John use his own money to help Peter? Wouldn’t that reflect his compassion and concern for Peter much better than his simply cheering when the government forces John to do so?"

I have been asking Mr. McGlawn this same question. I tell him that when he invites a couple illegal invader families to share his home and agrees to pay for all their health care and education that I will respect his opinion on the topic of illegal immigration. But when he promotes illegal immigration and demands that THE REST OF US pay for the health care and education of the illegal invaders - that's when I disrespect his opinion.

Perhaps Mr. McGlawn should read Mr. Hornberger's article on 'food stamps' again and apply it to illegal immigration.

Walk your talk, Mr. McGlawn!

Anonymous said...

Mr. McGlawn,

In your 1-28-2012 newsletter you supported donating to Ron Paul based on his placement in the GOP primary. The lower he placed - the smaller the donation. Since RP placed 4th (last) in Florida with only 7% of the vote - how much do you recommend that your readers send him? The bigger question is how much have you sent him?

I am amused that a man of your years still has so much faith and confidence in American democracy and our electoral system. Most of us outgrew that fantasy by age 50!

Anonymous said...

Where are you, Mr. McGlawn?

Searching for liberty?

chuckest said...

Message to A4, The purpose of the Liberty Views is to promote Liberty.

You just want to keep out them Mexican Invaders.I am not going to waste any more time with you on the blog. If you want to continue an exchange e-mail me at Chuckest

Let me finish with you with three statements.

Even if everything you allege were true, which it is not, and everything my sources say are false, which it is not,I would still be for much more liberal Guest Worker program. I favor building a fence around social services than around the US.

I have never been for completely OPEN BORDERS. I am for a guest worker program, limited only by the Free Market. Workers will know when to stop coming. Everyone will benefit. As they enter one of the many check points, they will submit to finger printing and a retina scan. This information will be entered into a database, with their State or States of destination. (Their States of choice must be open to additional guest workers.) They will be issued a Blue Card, showing the State or States to which they can go that are allowing additional workers. If they are caught committing crime, or Working in any other States that are not accepting Guest Workers will be policed by those States, penalties set and incarceration or deportation costs will be borne by that State.

A4, you can set in your comfortable residence and listen to the bigots, labor unions and any who are harmed by unauthorized workers. You can ignore the benefits that accrue to States like Alabama from unauthorized workers, you can dodge the costs that will be borne by the citizens, farmers and businesses because of harsh immigration laws. But in the end, cause and effect will be felt by the People of Alabama, and the law will be repealed. They may keep enough of the law to save face. But everyone that counts will know that a cheap flexible source is a boon to States that have elevated demands from labor intensive work filled by low skilled workers.

Lastly, the only countries that have OPEN BORDERS are those so poor that they have no entry points or border guards. There are however, many many nations that openly seek immigration, and even guest workers because they fill a need within those growing economies. Countries like Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zeland and even Canada. However, socialistic nations, where everyone that lives there or that enters, is a burden to that socialist economy, they have strict border control laws, if they can afford to enforce them. In those Nations everyone is required to carry identification papers, and can only get services by showing them to prove their citizenship.

A4, I suggest you keep an eye on Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina and Arizona. You are going to see some serious back tracking of harsh immigrations laws. As unauthorized workers flee those States for fear of deportation, there will be labor shortages that cannot be filled by native workers. You will see drops in their GDP, reductions in revenue from taxes and even higher rates of unemployment of native workers. And unless they move quickly to remove the laws, you will also see businesses move to neighboring States, that are more migrant worker friendly.

Mark my word A4, as you sip on the Kool-Aid. Or contact me at

Anonymous said...

Another of my truthful comments deleted by Mr. McGlawn.