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Friday, July 2, 2010

The Airport and Border Security Fraud

by Chuck McGlawn
We are being herded leftward, toward more and more government control with less and less liberty by measures ostensibly designed to provide Americans with security. Examples of the loss of Liberty include: the call for more southern border control, the increased searches at airport terminals, the limitation on what you can take with you during air travel, unwarranted wire taps, unwarranted searches of financial records, etc. There is a quote mistakenly attributed to Ben Franklin, "Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." See This whole maneuver is a total fraud perpetrated on the American people.

If the US government were to spend every dollar they collect in taxes, add to that every dollar that the US is able to borrow. Then let’s have the US government draft every adult citizen and marshal all these assets toward airport and border security it would not make us secure, it would not make the US safe from terrorist penetration.

So any attempt to secure the borders, or any promise that “if we just add this one more limitation to liberty” it will provide us with the security Americans deserve, is just a lie, and our leaders know that it is a lie. It makes one suspect that their motive is something other than our security.

It is virtually impossible to secure our borders. With this in mind, would we be more secure by making the United States LESS OF AN ENEMY to those who are willing to sacrifice their life to strike America.

To make Americans more secure, get the US out of the Middle East not only physically but also financially.

If the middle-east nations remain impossible to deal with, then declare war on energy dependence. Stop spending money to kill innocent Iraqis, and militants trying to secure their borders. (Over a billion dollars a day.) Use that money to move the US toward energy self sufficiency, or at least no longer dependant on middle-eastern oil.

This blow would be far more devastating to the middle east than all the bombs we can build and drop. Furthermore it redirects the hatred toward their own governments and away from ours. This would get more attention from the leaders of the Middle East than all the missiles we can buy and launch. This step would relegate the Middle East to the status for which its internal policies lead, that of being a 19th century threat in a 21st century world, that of having an 10th century philosophy in a 21st century world. Then their 20th century weaponry would be as ineffectual as bows and arrows against armored tanks.

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