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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Nine States & The Liberty ViewsLetter Backs Arizona on Immigration

BUT Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox Doesn’t Get It

By Chuck McGlawn 07/15/2010
Disclaimer: I personally think that Arizona and the other nine States have made a bad decision concerning immigration. Please read on.

In an article by Associated Press Jul 15 (see David Runk reports that Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox ( I do not think he gets it) said Wednesday in a legal brief on behalf of nine states that will be supporting Arizona's immigration law.

The Liberty ViewsLetter, along with all supporters of Liberty, could also support this approach to immigration. We have always said here that Immigration question is answerable only by individual States. The Thirteen original States insisted on having that power here at the time of Constitutional ratification.
Additionally, logic dictates that Washington DC could never know the population needs of all of the thirteen original States, or all of the 50 existing States.

The Constitution wisely denied the US Congress power over Immigration. Framers made it very clear in Article 1 Section 8 that Congress only had the power, “To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization” not immigration. That is correct gentle reader the Constitution granted to Congress no power over immigration.

With that said, let me quickly say I think Arizona and the other nine States have made a bad decision. I think it is especially bad for Michigan. Michigan is going through a greater economic decline than most other States. Therefore, Michigan NEEDS CHEAP LABOR, more than any other State, even if that immigration happens to displaces Michigan workers, which studies show does not happen. The only exception is among high school dropouts.

The New Migrant Worker Policy This Could Spawn
If the ten States are successful in establishing State authority over Immigration, then it would also follow that the other States would have the same authority. In other words migrant workers could not work in any State that did not allow it, but could work in States that did allowed it. Just for the sake of discussion, let us say that the State Government of Alabama was the only State that passed a law that invited migrant workers. The State could put any kind of restrictions it wanted: the length of stay, what kind of jobs they could take, who they could bring along and the kinds of Social Services to which the migrants could apply. One mandate would be the migrant must secure round-trip passage to a the State and return passage to their Nation of origin. Upon entry to the State, the migrant would surrender the return passage to the Nation of origin. It would be understood that flagrant violations of the State imposed restrictions or State and or City Statutes could trigger a deportation hearing. The outcome of this hearing could lead to a sentence of a probation period or outright deportation. We believe these restrictions and limitations would lead to compliance to the restrictions and laws leading to the mutual benefit of both the State and the worker.

If it is, as I suspect, the State would experience a rise in the economic output. Even if the migrants were doing no other kind of work than standing outside of Home Depot and being picked up to do minor repair work for an unskilled homeowner. This activity would increase the sale of hammers, saws, lumber, nails, bricks, etc would start the economic growth process.

Some Handyman Services may experience a brief downturn. However, the smartest among them would begin going to the Home Depot for laborers. They would be able to reduce their bids for work that needs done. Lower bids would increase the demand for more work and thus the sale of more hammers, saws, lumber, nails, bricks, add to the list PVC pipe sprinkler heads, timing devices, cement, energy saving double pain windows, granite counter tops recessed lighting etc would accelerate the economic growth process.

This is just the first round. The second round would manifest itself in the hiring of more clerks at the Home Depot to accommodate increased sales. Those newly hired clerks will stop collecting unemployment compensation, reducing the State Budget. The newly hired clerks would be taking their paychecks and buying clothes, shoes, CDs, IPhones, movie tickets TVs, etc. be taking their wages and spending it.

The third round of the economic growth process occurs as property values begin to rise, pushing up property taxes that can be used to fund better schools or reduce the need for other taxes to pay for State Programs.

The forth round will come when a neighboring State decides to compete for some of that CHEAP LABOR and then we will see that economic growth process spread across State lines.

We have ignored the fact that the move that is taking place will allow the ten States to reject migration. While that alone is not a good thing, but creating a situation where other States, including the ten, will have the power to encourage immigration, well that is a good thing. And one thing that will die in this move are the fabricated or annectidoal stories about how migration is a net lose to any State that encourages migration, and at the same time discourage providing social services to migrants.

“States have the authority to enforce immigration laws and protect their borders,” said, Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox Wednesday in a legal brief filed on behalf of nine states supporting Arizona's immigration law. We believe that to be true, and the corollary is that States have the right to encourage migration.

However, in this instance one need only scratch the surface to learn what pushes Cox in this direction, he is one of five Republicans running for the office of Michigan governor. It is a sad day when a candidate for Governor of a major State is using racism to attract voters in this highly charged environment. And I hope he is successful. Because if the National Government’s lawsuit prevails, saying that in essence it is the responsibility of the National Government to set immigration Laws. This is truly a, lose lose situation. Either the National Government will usurp another power over the States or the States will have the power to use racism to limit liberty. The silver lining is that States will have the authority to decide.

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