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Friday, July 9, 2010

War, Real War with Islam Is Impossible.

By Chuck McGlawn
It is virtually impossible for the US to be at war with Islam. There are two reasons, first, there is no military goal that the US military might set, that the entire Muslim world could prevent, even if the nearly one billion Muslims in the Middle East were unified, as one, in preventing our goal. Let me say right off, there are more splits and schisms in the Muslim world than the American mind can even contemplate.

Secondly, there is no harm that the Muslim military could inflict the US Military unless our Commander in Chief puts our military in harms-way.
An example of US might took place when a very small part of the US Air Force destroyed fully one-half of the Iranian Navy in just one afternoon in the 1980s during the Iran/Iraq War. A Navy that Iran would not have had without the military assistance the US was giving to Iran in the 1960s and 1970s, to bolster the Shaw of Iran, "our man in the Middle East". A second devastating blow to Iran came when the US shared simple satellite information with the Iraqi military. On that day Saddam's forces killed thousands, yes thousands in just one day. Stop and think about it, we were taxed to have an Air Force in the mid 1980s so we could destroy the Navy that we had been taxed to provide the Iranian's a decade earlier.
The next step in the lunacy in the Middle East was Desert Storm. The US Military arrayed against Saddam Hussein's Military. So, Americans were taxed in the 1990s to pay for a military to destroy the military that Americans had been taxed in the 1980s to provide Iraq with the means to wage war on our 1980s enemy the Iranians.
Let's take this insanity full circle. Iran would not have been our enemy in the 1970s, had our tax money of the 1950s and 1960s not been used to impose the Shaw of Iran onto the Iranian people.
Let's summarize. The US didn't like the elected secular leader of Iran in the 1950s. We financed the opposition, the Shaw. The Shaw used our support to build the nuclear capability we so fear today. Just like a lid forced onto a boiling pot the pressure builds. The hatred for "our man" built until the Shaw fled Iran in fear of his life, leaving religionist to run the country. When we brought The Shaw to the US for medical treatment, the religionist in November of 1979 took over our Embassy in Iran.
Then we financed Hussein in a war with Iran. When that ended, we were ready for war with Iraq and Desert Storm. Then a decade later, we initiated "Shock and Awe". We have removed the secular leadership of Iraq. If a real election were held today the Iraqis would elect a religionist government, setting the stage for another war a decade hence when the US will tax our children to destroy the military ability we are providing now.
You can put Mike Tyson in the ring with a six month old infant and call it a boxing match but there will be very little boxing taking place. You can pit the massive US military against a force one twentieth the size, and a technology that is a decade out of date. However, you can bet, the weaponry we are providing Iraqi Police Forces will be used against us in some future conflict. Just like Tyson and the infant is not a boxing match, the US against Iraq is not a war. I say it is time to get off the Tax, Build then Destroy Merry-go-round of war.

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